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Our well rested clients

5 Star Google Review Nigh Nigh Sleep School
We sort out current sleep problems but education is a big part of treatment. Everyone has bad night’s so it’s important you have the skills to know how to maintain good sleep.
“ Deb sorted our sons sleep 4 months ago and it has been the best thing we have done. Do it, it’ll change your life”.
Keith, Victoria

Sleep Going Strong…as it should!

I have had difficulty both falling asleep and getting back to sleep for over 25 years existing on minimal sleep hours while working full time. My sleep pattern changed after the birth of my daughter and never really returned to normal. I did seek advice from Maternal and Child Health Nurses but was repeatedly told that this phase would pass.
Over the years I also sought advice from G.P.’s for myself but was only ever offered medication to help me sleep, which I declined.
I completed the sleep program a few months ago with Deb and can honestly say I feel this has revolutionized my life. Deb is very generous, sharing her wealth of knowledge and was incredibly supportive the whole way through.
The program does take dedication and persistence and the willingness to make changes to your life but believe me it is worth it. Deb has taught me how to go to sleep and even more importantly how to get back to sleep if I do happen to wake up during the night.
I can’t believe the increase in my energy levels and overall joy of life. It’s a wonderful feeling to be now waking to the sound of birds in the morning instead of still being awake when the birds start chirping, which is what happened for years.
Thanks to Deb educating me I now have the tools to get myself back on track if sleep should go pear shaped.
Thank you Deb, I will always be grateful.
Jennifer, Victoria.

Professional Relieved From Decades of Insomnia

Deb did what no other could do: she helped us get my son’s (3.5) sleep back on track! I am not exaggerating, we tried EVERYTHING to get my son to sleep in his bed all night for an entire year. We spoke with multiple sleep consultants (who only suggested changes to his schedule), we tried rewards & incentives, discipline / removing TV, begging him to take pity on his exhausted parents who also had a newborn…

Deb was the first consultant we spoke with who talked about therapies to treat my son’s underlying separation anxiety. Yes schedules are important but only if a child can fall asleep and stay asleep independently. She taught me new strategies that nobody else in the sleep space is talking about. Give yourself the gift of sleep and book an appt with Deb!

Corinne, California.

3 1/2 Year Old With Sleep Anxiety

5 star Google Review Nov 2023

Thank you Deb for such an amazing product! I bought the Nigh Nigh song (download copy) over a year ago when I just couldn’t get my then almost 2 year old to settle and fall asleep alone. Putting the Nigh Nigh song gave him comfort to stay in his cot and just relax rather than get upset that I was leaving him, soon after he was falling asleep alone. It became routine very quickly and he would start singing ‘nigh nigh.. baby’ when he knew it was time for sleep and at times he would again sign ‘nigh nigh’ for it during the day when he wanted a nap.

When I lost my download of the song due to my computer crashing I thought oh well I’ll just use some other lullabies to get him to sleep, but after 3 weeks of trying it’s just not the same. I think it’s due to the fact that Nigh Nigh is one LONG 45 minute song that slowly fades, whereas putting other short different songs just distracts him when one song ends and another begins. Anyway I was so pleased when I requested a copy of Nigh Nigh song from Deb and explained my situation with my technology fail and she happily sent me a cpy of the download. Now that I have the Nigh Nigh song back, my sons face just lit up and he was so excited to go to bed! Love it and I think the fact we lived without it for a few weeks made me appreciate it even more 😊

Mum Cindy on Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby

Review left by Simran 

5 star Google Review 11/10/23
We had a great outcome working with Deb and she is a life saver.
My 7 month old son was not sleeping at nights , waking up every couple of hours and even daytime naps were very inconsistent . He was always crying and fussy all day. We thought may be it is the regression or teething but it went on for 3 months . My partner and I were literally zombies day and night and also working on top ! When we had enough , we thought we should hire a sleep consultant and that’s when God gave us Deb. We did the 7 day intensive training and we literally saw a big change on the 3rd day and we couldn’t believe our eyes! He started sleeping 9 – 10 hours and even having good day time naps ! Since we left the program we only have one night where he woke up once due to teething but other nights were great and he is a happy boy now! Deb’s strategies do work and I highly recommend anyone who is going through the zombie journey to feel normal again … I guess there is no price tag to good sleep and relationship with your partner – sleep plays a good role in maintaining sanity in our daily lives. Thankyou Deb , you were just amazing !

7 Day intensive turned around sleep and relationship in 3 days!

7 mo crying and fussing all day

5 star Google review 28/09/23

Our son was put in a rhino hip brace at 4 months old and completely derailed his sleep he came out of it at 8 months and we were just hoping he’d naturally grow out of his bad habits and get back into good sleep. At 17 months old and severe sleep deprivation with on average 2-3 wakes per night every night with a guaranteed a 5 am wake up, we sought help with Deb.

Within 2 weeks Deb had him and us all back on track getting good sleep it has made his whole routine easier he goes down of a night easier and has slept through for a whole week straight.

Coming from a 2nd time mum who was hesitant to get help as there’s so much ‘help’ and information out there, I recommend Deb to anyone struggling with sleep deprivation, Deb is understanding and has a gentle approach that is tailored to every situation.


Essential medical intervention ruined baby’s sleep for 18 mths


The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby or toddler sleeping better in less than a week.

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby or toddler sleeping better in less than a week.
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