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5 Star Google Review 8/5/2024

Our daughter is 2 years old, and we have always struggled with her sleep. She would take 45 to 75 minutes to fall asleep even when cuddled, and she would wake and need resettling every 2 hours overnight. With a new baby on the way, we had to get things to change.

I was impressed with Deb’s professionalism and knowledge right from the start. She was able to give us the scientific explanation behind her advice which was also filled with years of experience.

We chose the 7 day intensive program. The first night was pretty tough. We spent an hour resettling her to sleep at bed time and then we were up 4-5 times in the night to resettle which would take 20-30 minutes each time. However, my husband and I supported each other through it. Things improved rapidly after that.

A couple of weeks into the new system, things are much better. She will often grumble in the middle of the night and then put herself back to sleep which is a huge improvement. On occasion, we still have to get up to resettle buts its usually only once a night and only every now and then.

She is still very difficult about putting on her pyjamas and having stories as she knows that this leads to sleep. However, once we get through that and turn off the light, she is very good at going to sleep. She sometimes needs to be sent back to bed once or twice, but usually within five minutes of lights out she’s settled down to sleep.

Things aren’t perfectly perfect but she’s also only 2, and we can keep working on improving it with time. We achieved what we wanted which was a new system that would accommodate a newborn in the mix too.

I’m really glad that we worked with Deb. She has been a huge support. The every day phone calls and advice is a good system, and then she was quite happy to take my call in the middle of the day when I couldn’t get my daughter to nap. It was also really good to have the two follow up conversations, one we used when things went a bit wonky when my husband went away for work. The other we are saving for when the baby comes.

Family, friends and books give all well intentioned advice, but if you are really at the end of your rope with your child’s sleeping, then you really need a professional that comes with the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that Deb has. We were nervous to spend that much money on something that was potentially not going to work out, however what you are purchasing is research based, experience based, targeting help, and more importantly, adjustment, when that first bit of advice doesn’t work. Additionally, this experience has also been an investment in a personal skill set that will help with future babies and toddlers.

Working with Deb has been an excellent experience, I would recommend it to anyone struggling with a difficult sleeper. It means that everyone gets a good sleep which transforms the happiness of the whole household.

Meredyth, Western Australia

Toddler constantly getting up learns new sleep habits in less than a week!

Google Review 5 Stars

Deb was fantastic. Our 6 year old girl was having all sorts of sleeping issues. Deb was able to quickly identify and assess the various areas of concern and put in place a simple yet effective plan. Would definitely recommend!

Luke, Victoria, Australia

Sleep issues solved for 6 year old!


4 Star Review  I saw Deb for treatment because my out of wack sleep schedule was affecting me and her advice really helped me. She is very insightful, her knowledge and information that she provided me with is something that significantlly impacted the quality of my sleep and overall lifestyle. One thing I really appreciated was that they really care about your sleep/well-being and give advice that is personalised FOR YOU. Sleep is such an important thing and thank you for helping me realise that. Much gratitude for Deb and all her efforts.

CL – Melbourne, Australia

Year 12 student learns to sleep!

I just completed the 4 week program with Deb for my 4 year old daughter, and I must say, I have my nights back! Her knowledge and help has been amazing for our family. We use the nigh nigh music every night and my daughter falls asleep in minutes, rather then up to an hour before hand.
Am I so thankful for Deb and her help.
Sarah, Vic, Australia

4-yo falls asleep in minutes instead of hour

5 Star Google Review


I am so glad that we came across Deb to help us with our 2 year old daughter.
Our daughter couldn’t settle herself alone she would always need one of us to assist either by laying with her until she fell asleep or cuddles until she fell asleep on us and then we would need to transfer her. This would sometimes take up to an hour of our evening just to get her to bed and STAY in bed. She would then still wake a few times per night AND get up very early, it was killing us. This lasted for months.
We reached out to Deb for help and it has been an absolute game changer. We chose the 7 day intensive program and we started seeing real results from night 2 and it just kept getting better. Honestly I thought we were beyond help but the whole process was surprisingly easier than we both expected. Throughout the week we started seeing better results at night but also better moods during the day. We now have life long skills to be able to maintain her sleeping pattern which is now full sleep through the night and she can settle herself 100% allowing more time for my husband and I during the evening.
I 100% recommend Deb if your having troubles, she will change your life. You will not regret it.
Thanks So much Deb
Katie – Sydney, Aust

“We started seeing real results from night 2 and it just kept getting better”

 5 stars Google Review 
I would highly recommend engaging Deb if you have any sleep issues in the home. Deb is very knowledgeable on the area of sleep. We engaged Deb as we were tired and exhausted from our little one waking up 3-4 times a night. After engaging Deb’s services, he was sleeping through the night by the second night! Her one on one daily check ins really helped you feel like she was offering a personalised service. 10/10 for service and results!
Pam, Melbourne

Baby Intensive – “he was sleeping through the night by the second night!”

My 15 year old daughter has been plagued with sleep problems for a very long time. This led to school absences and impacts on her health and general participation in life. Finding Deb has been life changing for us both. I now have a well-rested teen, who is much happier. I strongly recommend Deb if you are having sleep issues with your teen. Really practical, doable program and Deb is great working with teens. Best investment.
Traci, Northern Territory, Aust.



Mum says “I now have a well-rested teen, who is much happier”.

By Deb Herdman / January 2024
Life-Changing Sleep Transformation Thanks to Deb the Sleep Consultant.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Deb’s remarkable sleep consulting services. After struggling for months with my daughter’s sleep disturbances, we finally decided to seek professional help. And thank goodness we found Deb!

From our very first meeting, Deb demonstrated a profound understanding of our concerns and challenges. Her warm and compassionate approach instantly put us at ease. She took the time to thoroughly assess our daughter’s sleep patterns, habits, and environment, allowing her to tailor a personalized plan that suited our family’s needs perfectly.

Throughout the entire month we worked with Deb, her expertise and guidance were invaluable. She educated us on healthy sleep habits, provided useful tools and strategies, and was always available to answer our questions or address any concerns promptly. Her professionalism and dedication were evident in every interaction.

The results we achieved with Deb’s help are beyond astonishing. Within just a few days, our daughter’s sleep gradually improved, and by the end of the month, she was consistently sleeping through the night! It was truly incredible to witness such a transformation.

Deb’s wealth of knowledge about sleep science, combined with her genuine care for children’s well-being, make her an outstanding sleep consultant. She didn’t just restore our daughter’s sleep, but also improved our overall family dynamics. We now have a well-rested and happier little one, resulting in a more harmonious household.

I would highly recommend Deb as a sleep consultant to any parent struggling with sleep disturbances or seeking to establish healthy sleep habits for their child. Her expertise, compassion, and commitment to her clients are second to none. She has forever changed our lives for the better, and we are so grateful for her invaluable guidance!

Thank you, Deb, for everything you’ve done to help our family. Your impact is immeasurable, and we can’t thank you enough.

Jade, NSW

Life-Changing Sleep Transformation

5 Star Google Review Nigh Nigh Sleep School
We sort out current sleep problems but education is a big part of treatment. Everyone has bad night’s so it’s important you have the skills to know how to maintain good sleep.
“ Deb sorted our sons sleep 4 months ago and it has been the best thing we have done. Do it, it’ll change your life”.
Keith, Victoria

Sleep Going Strong…as it should!

I have had difficulty both falling asleep and getting back to sleep for over 25 years existing on minimal sleep hours while working full time. My sleep pattern changed after the birth of my daughter and never really returned to normal. I did seek advice from Maternal and Child Health Nurses but was repeatedly told that this phase would pass.
Over the years I also sought advice from G.P.’s for myself but was only ever offered medication to help me sleep, which I declined.
I completed the sleep program a few months ago with Deb and can honestly say I feel this has revolutionized my life. Deb is very generous, sharing her wealth of knowledge and was incredibly supportive the whole way through.
The program does take dedication and persistence and the willingness to make changes to your life but believe me it is worth it. Deb has taught me how to go to sleep and even more importantly how to get back to sleep if I do happen to wake up during the night.
I can’t believe the increase in my energy levels and overall joy of life. It’s a wonderful feeling to be now waking to the sound of birds in the morning instead of still being awake when the birds start chirping, which is what happened for years.
Thanks to Deb educating me I now have the tools to get myself back on track if sleep should go pear shaped.
Thank you Deb, I will always be grateful.
Jennifer, Victoria.

Professional Relieved From Decades of Insomnia


The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby start sleeping better

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby or toddler sleeping better in less than a week.
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