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7 Day Intensive Sleep Program for Toddlers

$1,500.00 inc. GST

Our 7 Day Intensive Sleep Consultation Program for Toddlers 1-3 years is for parents struggling with toddler contact sleeping, co-sleeping, bed refusal, tantrums and mayhem.

  • Fast settling, cot/crib sleeping and self-soothing are to be expected.
  • NO ‘cry-it-out’ methods used. Our scientific approach supports attachment parenting!

If you’ve tried everything without success our 7 Day Intensive Sleep Package for Toddlers is recommended for you.

Here’s what’s included:

Seven Consults over 7 days (excluding weekends)
The first extended consult is 55 minutes and unpacks your toddler’s past and present sleep habits, sleep hygiene, sleep environment and so much more. Then we meet over the next 6 days for 30 minutes to carefully monitor progress, and consolidate sleep for long-term success. We meet via video call (Google Meet) or in-clinic (Central Victoria) and know the benefits of face-to-face far outweigh phone or text-only advice. Video calls can include a sleep area assessment.

Diagnostic Tools
Before our first meeting we send you a links to our Diagnostic Assessment forms. We ask many questions to make the right diagnosis and implement highly evidence-based therapies, validated by science that work. 

Sleep Diary
We email you a sleep diary and each day you record your baby’s sleep. Our clients love seeing a visual representation of sleep patterns from start to end and we analyze the data to provide the best treatment.

Sleep Resources
After the first consult we send you links to get our best evidence-based resources including our unique Nigh Nigh Music. Plus video and audio links to help you get the most benefit from our sleep resources.

7 x Post Consult Reports
After every consultation you receive a report email so you know exactly what to do each day without the need for second-guessing and relying on a tired brain to recall the details.

Flexible Booking Times
Consults can be scheduled Monday to Friday. We can meet at a convenient time to suit you or your family outside of normal business hours if needed or to suit your timezone.

Once your 7 day Intensive Sleep Program for Babies is complete, we also schedule 2x complimentary follow up calls at 2 weeks and 6 weeks from completion. Now that you have learned lifetime sleep skills our post-consult service is a friendly check-in to see how you’re doing.

Free Gift to You!
As s special bonus when you join our 7 day Intensive Sleep Program for Babies you also receive our very popular Sleepy Head TED Polar Bear. Ted gives cuddles and we want you to have one. At 450mm long and in Pj’s, Ted is the perfect bedtime buddy to assist with a stress-free bedtime. Valued at $67 and FREE to you when you join.

how we can help

Sleep Packages starting from $100

We have sleep packages for all ages, to suit both your budget and what stage you are at with your sleep. Book your FREE Sleep Assessment today to discuss your unique sleep struggles and we can help advise which package will suit you best.


Bronze Package


Silver Package


Gold Package

Sleep solutions for all ages

Now that you have compared our Sleep packages, select your age group below and to learn more about how Nigh Nigh can help you. Sleep issues can happen at any age and we have experience working with babies all the way to adults. Start the journey to better sleep today!

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The 3 R's to Sleep Success

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