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Adult Sleep Packages

Sleep problems can happen at any age but with the right therapy, can be corrected in as little as 4 consultations. Our sleep consultations and approach are tailored to adult sleep concerns. Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages, designed to suit your budget and sleep needs.

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps and start sleeping better.
how we can help

Sleep Packages starting from $100

We have adult sleep packages to suit both your budget and what stage you are at with your sleep struggles. Book your FREE Sleep Assessment today to discuss your unique sleep struggles and we can help advise which package will suit you best.


Bronze Package


Silver Package


Gold Package

Step 2: Choose your package

Now that you have compared our Sleep Packages, simply choose which package suits you best below. Start the journey to better sleep today!

Sleep problems can happen at any age

We have 3 Sleep Packages for Adults available depending on your budget and what stage you are at in your sleep struggles.

  • Our BRONZE SLEEP PACKAGE  is our budget package for adults who are grappling with bad sleep and are confused with the plethora of sleep aids and information that don’t help. 
  • Our SILVER SLEEP PACKAGE is our intermediate service for adults who have struggled with poor sleep for a few months and cannot find the right kind of help. If you’ve tried everything without success the 4-week Silver sleep package is recommended for you.
  • Our GOLD SLEEP PACKAGE is our premium service for adults who have long-standing issues and want to be in control of their sleep. If you’ve tried everything without success or keep rebounding back and require a lot of support the 6 week Gold Sleep package is recommended for you.

Sleep problems can happen at any age

Sleep is crucial and is recognised globally as one of the 3 pillars essential to being healthy in both mind and body. As we get older stress, work and life changes can affect your sleep patterns negatively. Nigh Nigh can help.


Adult Sleep Consultation Program

Sleep problems affect adults too. Whether your mind is too busy at night, you are exhausted but still can't get to sleep, depressed and anxious at work and at home, it can feel like there is no way out. Nigh Nigh can help get you sleeping better in a matter of weeks with our 4 Week Adult Sleep Program which is backed by science and proven to work by the many exhausted grown ups we have helped over the last 10 years. Here's what you can expect when you get started.

Take the Free Sleep Quiz

Wondering if your sleep hygiene and routine are affecting your health? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the quality of your sleep.

Got Questions?

We understand it can be daunting knowing what to do when your baby is not sleeping. The stress and toll it takes on you and your family can be overwhelming. We've answered some of the more common questions we get asked by exhausted parents below. Got a different question? Contact us today.

Melatonin is a hormone and must be used precisely otherwise it can make your sleep patterns worse. Sleep medications are designed for short-term use 2-4 weeks but most people find they don't get the results they are looking for. We know why it’s hard to get off them and our therapies are completely natural, with decades of evidence-based results, that work fast. Most clients are completely satisfied with their new sleep patterns within 4 weeks. You will learn how to sleep and how to get sleep back if it goes off in the future. Even great sleepers have the odd bad night! 

Feeling exhausted but not sleepy may be a symptom of insomnia and part of the diagnosis includes screening using diagnostic tools and a thorough sleep history. In most cases, a PSG (Polysomnogram sleep study) isn’t required but we may refer you for this if required. 

Most of our clients have made a lot of sacrifices searching for good sleep and are unable to achieve lasting results. What they fail to get is professional and experienced support from insomnia-trained specialists. We help make sleep a reality even if you have suffered for decades.



It's never to late to learn good sleep

There is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about sleep. We use sleep science and our years of experience to clear things up and show you a path to a better way. Here are some quick tips for adults having trouble with sleep.

Keep it cool

The ideal room temperature for sleep is on the cooler side and around 17C (62.6 F). Increasing core body temperature tells your body to reduce the sleep hormone and wake up.

Create a sleep routine

Going to bed at the same time each night is one of they keys to good sleep. Even on weekends and holidays, wherever possible keeping to your routine will help you sleep better and wake up energised.

Sleep and darkness go together

To aid sleep, ensure your room is dark and free of ambient and outside light. An eye mask can assist with this and also become a part of your night time routine.

Nigh Nigh is the answer to your Adult sleep problems

The 3 R's to Sleep Success for Adults

Follow these 3 Simple Steps and be sleeping better in less than a week.
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