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Sleep Packages for Children 1-5 years

We combine sleep science with sleep school to give you the right advice every time. Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages, designed to suit your budget and sleep needs.

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to get your toddler to sleep better.
how we can help

Sleep Packages starting from $100

We have toddler sleep packages to suit both your budget and what stage you are at with your toddler's sleep. Book your FREE Sleep Assessment today to discuss your unique sleep struggles and we can help advise which package will suit you best.


Bronze Package


Silver Package


Gold Package

7 Day Intenstive Sleep Package

Need fast results? Try our 7 Day Intensive Sleep Package. This package includes everything in our GOLD Sleep Package. Only its conducted over 7 7DAYS, not 6 weeks! Book your FREE SLEEP CHAT today to discuss your unique sleep struggles and we can help advise which package will suit you best.

Step 2: Choose your package

Now that you have compared our Sleep Packages, simply choose which package suits you best below. Start the journey to better sleep today!

Helping children sleep independently

We have 4 Sleep Packages available for toddlers aged 1-5 years old, depending on your budget and where you are in your sleep struggles.

  • Our BRONZE SLEEP PACKAGE is our budget package for parents of 1-5 year-olds who are grappling with bad sleep trying lots of things and wondering why nothing is working.
  • Our SILVER SLEEP PACKAGE is our intermediate service for toddlers or pre-schoolers who have struggled with sleep for months. If you’ve tried doing it alone and it’s not working then our SILVER SLEEP package may be the right next step.
  • Our GOLD SLEEP PACKAGE  is our premium service for toddlers or pre-schoolers who have long-standing issues with falling asleep. If you’ve tried everything without success the 6 week Gold Sleep package is recommended for your little one.
  • Our 7 DAY INTENSIVE SLEEP PACKAGE FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS is for parents at their wits end and desperate for a fast result. Our sleep science approach supports attachment parenting and ‘No cry-it-out’ or long wait-lists before you can get help!

Book a FREE SLEEP CHAT today to chat with Deb Herdman, your sleep practitioner and discover the right solution for you to get better sleep!


How can we help your child and family

More than 190,000 Aussie kids and more and 1 million US children suffer with bad sleep. 

Providing our kids with the best start is about the simple things like a healthy diet, an education, and a loving, caring, stable home.

But what about including sleep in that lineup when we know that diet, education, and mental and physical health are all affected when the family isn’t getting enough sleep?

We combine sleep science with sleep school to give you the right advice every time.

Don’t wait any longer. Reach out today and see how Nigh Nigh can help.

1-5 year sleep consultation program

What's Included

Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your family life. Does your toddler refuse to nap? Needs you to sleep beside them? Wakes frequently or needs to be fed to get back to sleep? All of this can be very stressful, disruptive and worrying for your entire family. You are at your wits end and don't know what to do. Nigh Nigh can help get your toddler sleeping better in a matter of weeks with our 4 Week 1-5 Years Sleep Program which is backed by science and proven to work by the many exhausted parents we have helped over the last 10 years. Here's what you can expect when you get started.

Take the Free Sleep Quiz

Wondering if your sleep hygiene and routine are affecting your health? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about the quality of your sleep.

Got Questions?

We understand it can be daunting knowing what to do when you or or one of your loved ones is not sleeping well. The stress and toll it takes on you and your family can be overwhelming. We've answered some of the more common questions we get asked by exhausted parents, teenagers and adults struggling with sleep. Got a different question? Contact us today.

On average 15- 20 minutes is considered to be within the normal range for falling asleep, for this age.

It’s a common misconception that you need to do more in order to ‘wear’ them out to sleep. Timing is everything and it can be easy to miss sleep cues that result in overtiredness and hyperactivity. There can be other issues that make it hard for them to fall asleep and you might need our help with that. 

Routine is very important in helping your child establish a sense of what is expected but if they have true insomnia that will need addressing first. Great sleepers stick to a routine with little alteration and when they do they know how to get back on track with good sleep. 

Sleep anxiety is one of the causes of insomnia and it means falling asleep takes a long time and you become their sleep association. Often sleep is disrupted during the night and they rely on you being near instead of being able to resettle independently. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia helps your child develop new neural pathways to be confident little sleepers.


Good sleep practices will benefit your whole family.

There is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about sleep. We use sleep science and our years of experience to clear things up and show you a path to a better way for your and your family.

Sleep physiology is developed by 6 months old

But all babies can learn sleep.

Anxiety and depression commonly arise from sleep insufficiency

Sleep therapy is a healthy choice for a happier family

We can help keep your family safe and healthy.

Good sleep practices have been shown to reduce the instance of SIDS and Perinatal depression in both mothers and fathers.

Nigh Nigh is the gentle and nurturing experience you’ve been searching for!

The 3 R's to Sleep Success for 1 to 5 yrs old

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your 1-5 year old toddler sleeping better in less than a week.
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