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Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby

This unique sleep association fast tracks your baby or child to relax and learn how to sleep. Even parents say it put’s them to sleep!


The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby start sleeping better

Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lyrics

Chorus – Nigh Nigh Baby (Child’s name), Time to Go To Bed, Nigh Nigh, Nigh Nigh, Rest Your Sleepy Head, Nigh Nigh Baby (Child’s name), Time to Go To Bed, Nigh Nigh, Nigh Nigh, Rest Your Sleepy Head,                                              

Verse 1 – Close Your Eyes, Do Not Cry, Tomorrow We Can Play All Day,                                          

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2 – Now We’ve Laughed all day, Time to sleep Away, Tomorrow We Can Play All Day

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3 – The stars Are shining Bright, The sun Has Said Goodnight, Tomorrow We Can Play All Day

Repeat Chorus


The sleep association that parents and kids love...It’s different from the rest!

Hi I’m Deb Herdman, RN, certified sleep practitioner and composer of Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head lullaby.

Our Nigh Nigh lullaby music has:

  • helped thousands of parents gently modify unwanted sleep behaviours
  • Enhance bonding
  • Helps children aged 0-9 years
  • Use as a stand-alone sleep resource or in conjunction with our sleep training consultations

This is a must for modifying sleep behaviour. Try it today and play at EVERY sleep time. 


Sing to signal sleep time whilst the instrumental ends frequent waking.

The gentle and unique sleep association toward healthy sleep allows neural pathways develop emotional regulation so that your child can settle easily and return back to sleep.

Listen and learn how to use Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby

Audio by Deb Herdman


Stream now! Over 40K streams since May 23!

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Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby is the gentle and nurturing experience you’ve been searching for!


Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby music is different!

Our combination of lyrics, instrumental and unique arrangement fast tracks your baby or child to enhance bonding, pleasurable experiences and relaxation and elicits the ‘feel good’ hormone Dopamine. Where other sounds like white noise and other music fail to impact sleep, Nigh Nigh lullaby has been helping children sleep for over 10 years.

About Nigh Nigh Lullaby

Nigh Nigh Sleepy Head Lullaby Vocals: SJane Douglass, Keyboards: Joe Douglass/Deb Herdman, Produced by Joe Douglass/Deb Herdman, Music & Lyrics Deb Herdman at studios Bendigo, Vic, Re-mastered Sing Sing studio, Melb.Aust.

Early beginnings

Even from birth your baby can neurologically process music including different tones and rhythms. Exposed to the same melody in-utero, babies hear and remember sounds - it means they can be settled right from birth.

Why your baby should hear music

Music plays a crucial role in the development of early language including identification of syllables, words and phrases. It helps modulate their attention and arousal and babies and kids love the combination of repetition and rhyme.

Babies love lullabies. But there’s only so many times you want to repeat yourself! We make that easy for you with our Nigh Nigh Lullaby.


Got Questions?

We understand it can be daunting knowing what to do when your baby is not sleeping. The stress and toll it takes on you and your family can be overwhelming. We've answered some of the more common questions we get asked by exhausted parents below. Got a different question? Contact us today.

Controlled crying is a validated clinically approved therapy but we prefer a range of other therapies to begin with. We always discuss the many different options available with you so you are part of the solution that suits your family needs.

We work with many children that suffer sleep associated anxieties. Therapies often include cognitive, behavioural, sleep hygiene and techniques to help children stop frequent waking and fall asleep faster.

At, we only use therapies that are evidence based and clinically proven. This means you get the right advice and the right therapy to match your sleep problem. These therapies are designed for quick results!

Lack of sleep increases the risk of depression. We know many parents blame technology but often that isn't the root cause of sleep problems. Our teen therapies can have your teen asleep before midnight and up awake and ready for the start of the day in less than TWO weeks.

Studies show Melatonin is over prescribed and better suited for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Melatonin can be an effective short term measure used in conjunction with other therapies but we prefer to begin treatment without it. Mostly always kids learn to sleep using therapy alone.

Our aim is to educate you to find and maintain sleep. Sometimes we need to modify therapies and you will likely have many questions. We have found our clients have greater sleep success when they get consistent professional support from us. Our goal for you is to get you or your loved one sleeping for life!

This is very common in our toddler aged clientele. We have some really clever, unique to us ways of sorting separation and sleep anxiety. Of course what we do is validated scientifically and clinically. Kids and parents love nighnigh!

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby or toddler sleeping better in less than a week.
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