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Sleep Matters by Deb Herdman


Memories Formed in Pregnancy Can Help Baby Sleep Better

Did you know babies are forming memory association before birth?

Your foetus has the ability to  remember sounds when hearing is developing and gaining pitch acuity,  from the second trimester.

If mothers were to play appropriate sleep music in the weeks prior to birth, babies would respond and be calmed after birth. This is evidence based. Many babies feed, SLEEP and have less episodes of colic or tummy upset.

Read the research

Such a simple solution and beautiful way to promote bonding, not to mention the amazing connections forming within the developing brain of the infant.

Music is an ideal way to calm baby but it also relaxes mum and that means less cortisol and less circulating stress hormones.  

Parenting is Stressful

It’s often commented that we need instruction manuals for just about everything. Have you assembled the cot yet?

Becoming a parent can be totally mindblowing especially if you’re the type of person that is normally ‘in control’ of everything.

Babies are not only changing everyday but give signals that can be incredibly frustrating to figure out.

Is he wet?..No,


Too hot/cold/need a cuddle/ in pain…What do you want baby?

Attending to the basic needs of hunger and comfort seems fairly simple but babies are influenced by their needs and environment. If you feel stressed, so will they.

If you’ve missed their sign for sleep, they cry a lot. This leads to gulping air and often a colicky baby. Overtired babies often don’t feed well and sometimes you overfeed because they like sucking.

Happy parenting from Deb Herdman

Picture of About the Author

About the Author

Deb Herdman is a certified sleep practitioner specializing in infant, child, teen, and adult insomnia and sleep rhythm disorders.


The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby start sleeping better

The 3 R's to Sleep Success

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to have your baby or toddler sleeping better in less than a week.
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